Ama Judith Bags New Deal As Brand Ambassador For Reflo Ltd.

With a compelling combination of charisma, environmental passion, and strong social media presence, Ama Judith is set to take Reflo Ltd to new heights as their social media brand ambassador.

Reflo Company Limited as a registered Liability company provides sanitary pads and baby diapers to its cherished consumers in Ghana and other part of the world.

Through the supply of its high quality products, the company has attracted numerous customers making it one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Ama Judith who has been recognized as the new social media influencer has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Threads.

Ama Judith perfectly embodies the values and mission of Reflo Ltd taking into consideration her zeal, knowledge, passion, and influence towards brand promotion and makes her an ideal ambassador.

As the brand ambassador for Reflo Ltd, Ama Judith will lend her influence and expertise to promote products and initiatives from the company and hence working together to educate consumers on the importance of sustainable choices and inspire positive change in the daily lives of people .

Ama Judith will be creating content and engaging with Reflo Ltd’s audience through social media campaigns, educational videos, and public appearances.

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