AAB productions is coming to Accra!

AAB Productions is a London based company with teams currently in Accra, Los Angeles (USA) and London (UK).
As part of their 2021 plans, They are shooting a short film in the summer at Accra, Ghana and are looking for cast and crew members.

The short film is centered around (David) a young artist and his mischievous friend (Kofi) as they venture the streets of Accra in attempt to wow the girl of David’s dreams, (Esther) with a mural made just for her. The story follows the three (3) extraordinary children in their struggle against extraneous forces to achieve a wonderful, joyous ending.

In addition to the 3 main characters, AABproductions is looking for actors to play these roles:

  • Mother (female, 30-55 years old)
  • Annoying Aunty (female, 30-54 years old)
  • Older girl (female, 16-18)
  • Older cousin (female, 18-25)
  • Older brother (18-26)
  • Security guard (male, 20+)
  • Trotro driver (male, 20+)
  • Trotro mate (male, 20+)
  • Trotro passengers (male, female, 18+)
  • Area kids (male, female, 12-20)
  • Property owner (male, 20-60)

Please email aabproductions625@gmail.com with your name,age and picture of yourself to register or dm @aabproductions or @akuaaa_

By Isaac

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